Saturday, September 21, 2013

-= Ingress =- the journey begins!

The item in review was a 15000mha portable battery. Im on the go and a power source isnt as easily accessible as you think in #SanFrancisco especially when im in transit. The muni has a secret one, but i think the secret is finally out. :P Ive actually seen some funky altercations about if someone is using the plug or not. Anyhow with being more on the move in mind more recently ive been on the hunt for some portable gaming!. Not just a game to sit and play on the phone,( like GuardianCross: expect a review soon!!!) but one that makes you move and utilizes the fancy things our phones do today. Aka #Geolocation! or as some conspiracy theroist like to call it #bigbrother. It fell into my lap in the form of Ingress!! A game with some cliche pop culture elements that anyone can instantly recognize. Good vs Evil.. aka Resistance vs Enlightened. All in good taste. But its how those elements interact that really grabbed my attention. Hit up the the main page, and watch the video! It will put you up to speed with the story and the general jist of what to do faster than i could. Basically you go around your area, visiting neighborhood gems and landmarks that are publicly accessible. They produce XM what you would consider mana. and two factions battle over control of the "portals" which put out the majority of the XM. You can either defend or attack portals with items you collect on your travels. Hacking portal stations gives you random chances of getting these items as well as AP which we all know as experience. Ive found they've added a collection feature to the game by collecting portal keys.

These Portal keys can be use to link portals, or just sit in your collection as to show what cool places you've visited on your travels. Within the first night of downloading the game, i think i walked for about 2 hours trying to collect stuff and visiting places around the #sunset area in San Francisco. Im a only a day deep and im inspired enough to share my travels with you and hope
you would do the same. Check out this game its offered on PLAY! for only android at the moment. sorry mac. XD. There are a couple of social aspects that might perk your interest if you dig a little deeper into the app. Hmmm I wonder which faction will you choose? You can request an invite at the site. Also the game is currently in Beta and ill call it like baberuth and point to the fence, this pop, so hop on it.!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Wait for it...

So here it comes,
brainstorm stronger than hurricane dennis, you better run.
everything insight to incite my senses until their numb.
incase shit, i just rate shit, just for fun.
take it or leave it, we'll agree to disagree.
cause i got pockets full, of rockets fool,
mind-blowing explosives to the 1st degree.
so dont sit back and relax, i dont give rides for free
imma make you commit to this journey through the mind,
like a gentleman down on one knee.
an indecent proposal, rigged from the start.
my words bob and weave, visual-slash-audio-slash-art.
so try and contest my personal protest i might suggest
my verbal uppercut to the chest, is one of many tests
ive laid to rest, punks that claimed to be fresh,
so hold your breath, cause you havent, seen my best yet!


~ "c.o.o."